Chris' Top Ten

Listeners often ask me where is my favourite place in the world. It's such a difficult and personal question! And, for instance, my favourite place for romance is different to my favourite place for adventure, and so on. I have enjoyed reviewing my travel diaries and looking through my photos to bring you a very personal view of my favourite places! The nice thing about "Top Ten Lists" is that everybody's list is different - see how much you agree with mine....
Chris Robinson

History and Culture

Canadian Fantasy Annexations Turks & Caicos: This is just marginally less absurd than the other lands on this list as it has become part Canadian folklore that this Caribbean island group seriously considered becoming part of Canada in the 1980’s. It didn’t. However it’s still the first question asked of the islands’ Premier whenever he comes to Canada. MORE

  UNESCO World Heritage Sites Edinburgh, Scotland: The perfect mix of history and scenery, Edinburgh has been the Scottish capital since the 15th century. It has two distinct areas: the Old Town, dominated by a medieval fortress; and the 18th century neoclassical New Town. The way these two parts of the city meld into one glorious mix of magnificent buildings, is what gives the city its unique character. MORE

Religious Sites Jerusalem: Uniquely, Jerusalem is a holy city to three major world religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Old City is home to sites of key religious importance, such as the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque. To visit this city is to witness the fervor of the centuries. MORE

Markets Christmas Markets, Germany: These unique and traditional markets are held in cities, towns and villages throughout Germany from the last week in November to Christmas Eve and are a refreshingly noncommercial and festive way to experience regional foods and crafts, such as toys, candles and crib figurines. MORE

Canadian History Rideau Canal and Kingston Fortifications, Ontario: Ontario’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site is a unique combination of military canal, Martello Towers and mighty Fort Henry that mix pageant, entertainment and history seamlessly with scenic cruising and rural idylls. MORE

Warmest People Irish: Emerald Isle, diamond people - without question, it’s the warmth of the Irish people that will linger longest in your memories of any trip to Ireland; meeting total strangers who treat you as close friends and the ‘craic’ - party spirit - of the Irish pubs, is legendary. MORE

Ancient Ruins Machu Picchu, Peru: One of the “New Seven Wonders” of the world, this mysterious Incan citadel straddles a mountain ridge nearly 8,000 feet above sea level….. and it’s simply breath-taking. MORE