Top 10 Dinosaur Experiences

Chris’ personal picks from places in the world that he has visited.

Museum of Natural History, Denver - US:  Watch Allosaurus and Stegosaurus do battle with an 80-foot-long Diplodocus towering overhead. Or wander prehistoric habitats and examine ancient plants. And observe scientists as they study and prepare fossils using modern technology to decipher the past.

Dinosaur Provincial Park - Canada: One of the world’s richest dinosaur fossil grounds, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors can find (but not keep!) their own dinosaur bones on Ranger-guided walks into the weirdly eroded badlands landscape on the banks of the Red Deer River in Alberta. Thrilling for all!

Royal Tyrrell Museum - Canada: The Drumheller Valley north of Calgary, Alberta is known as the “Dinosaur Capital of Canada” and the jewel in its crown is this fabulous museum situated right in the heart of it all. The massive T.Rex skeleton there is exactly how we all picture dinosaurs to be: massive, scary and very real.

Lyme Regis - UK:  This little seaside town on England’s Dorset coast is really where it all began:  Mary Anning, was born in Lyme Regis in 1799 and as a 10 year old, she and her brother Joseph found the first recorded ichthyosaur fossil, an 18ft specimen which became world famous.

Natural History Museum, London - UK: One of the world’s finest and largest museums of natural history with hundreds of exhibits, many interactive, ranging from the volcano experience to the dinosaurs exhibition. This was where my childhood fascination with dinosaurs began…

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh - US: ‘Dinosaurs in Their Time’ is the first permanent exhibit in the world to feature scientifically accurate, immersive environments spanning the Mesozoic Era—the Age of Dinosaurs—arranged chronologically and filled with actively posed original fossil specimens.

Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin – Germany: ‘The World of Dinosaurs’ aims to show the living world 150 million years ago as it existed in Tendaguru in East Africa. The centre-piece is the world’s largest mounted dinosaur skeleton, a Brachiosaurus brancai; "Jurascopes" bring virtual dinosaurs back to life.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington - US: The Dinosaur Hall displays giant dinosaur skeletons and hanging from the rafters above are models of prehistoric birds, among them a full scale replica of a pterosaur, which boasted a wingspan of 10 meters.

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto - Canada: The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is a dramatic new space leaning out over Bloor Street, and is a dramatic setting for 50 dinosaur specimens with a ceiling high enough to accommodate the tallest specimens, while allowing others to be suspended artistically overhead.

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago - US: In 2000 The Field Museum unveiled Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil yet discovered. This is the real thing: not a patchwork or composite of bones from different specimens. She’s awesome!