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Ottawa in Spring

This year is Canada’s 150th anniversary and all year long we are celebrating the birth of our nation. So this week we visit the epicenter of the festivities - our nation’s capital, Ottawa. The tulips will soon be blooming throughout Ottawa for the Canadian Tulip Festival and it’s a great time to get out on the water, the cycle paths and the hiking trails of Ottawa. To celebrate Canada’s 150th our wonderful artists are being showcased, our amazing history and culture are being celebrated, talented chefs are cooking up a storm - and our National Museums are opening fabulous new galleries and running outstanding exhibitions. So this year is a great year to visit Ottawa.


This week we are truly travelling the world with Senior Discovery Tours, with a special emphasis on Ecuador! We will learn about a host of vacations styles - ocean cruises, river cruises, city stays, country tours, stay-put holidays, cycling and walking tours and more! Your trip is made worry free – Senior Tours pick you up right from your door and are even at your departure airport to help you. For many travellers the chance to share the experience with like-minded companions is one of the highlights of the trip. And there is a special invitation to travel with Chris on Senior Discovery Tour’s “Ecuador Adventure” in November 2017.

US National Parks

This week on the Travel Show we are going to explore some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring natural wonders on the planet… the USA’s National Parks out West. On our itinerary for the next hour are some the greatest works of Nature - from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite and from Utah’s canyons to Yellowstone. We will tour them in the company of Insight Vacations, who are absolute experts in vacations to the US National Parks. Offering carefully curated itineraries, highly coveted accommodation in beautiful lodges located right in the Parks themselves, and private guided tours with Park Rangers - an Insight Tour adds up to the very best experience possible as you discover these breathtakingly beautiful places.


This week the Travel Show gets back to Nature – and Nature wants you back in Switzerland! This is a country of mountain and glaciers, waterfalls and lakes. You can ride a train to the Jungfraujoch – known as the “Top of Europe” - and look out over spectacular views including the longest glacier in the Alps. Or you can travel by boat along the River Rhine to take in the wild and romantic natural scenery of the so-called “Swiss Grand Canyon”, or get close to the roaring waters of the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Plus there are no less than 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, a storied history and 1000 year old cities to explore!

Ireland & Royal Irish Tours

This week – on St Patrick’s Day weekend, the Travel Show goes to Ireland. Ireland is blessed with spectacular scenery. It ranges from misty mountains to stunning coastal cliffs and from ancient castles to quaint, historic towns and cities. Ireland is the backdrop to many famous films and TV series, and this beautiful scenery was definitely made for touring! To find out more Chris is joined by Royal Irish Tours, who are Canada’s leading tour operator to Ireland, celebrating 16 years of creating memorable vacations to the Emerald Isle.

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