By chris on 2/5/2018

I’m delighted to be hosting – with my wife Dara - a wonderful group of Canadians who are travelling with Discount Coach Tours and Avalon Waterways on a special group that was created for Travel Show listeners to sail down the great River Seine in France aboard Avalon’s vessel Tapestry II from Paris to Normandy.

By chris on 7/3/2017

Welcome to my Ethiopian journey exploring this incredible Land of Origins! Not only is Ethiopia the birthplace of humanity, based on fossil hominid finds in its deserts, but it also played a significant role in the rise of both Christianity and Islam. And importantly for me as a caffeine addict - it was also the birthplace of coffee...

By chris on 12/30/2016
  Flying into Siem Reap International Airport was like landing on an ocean. Vast swathes of water glittered in the sunlight as we descended into the green heart of Cambodia. This chance to experience a past that mingles such glories as the great Khmer Empire, and such darkness as the Khmer Rouge genocide, was too fascinating to miss.
By chris on 12/29/2016
  Until 1988, tourists were banned from Laos. It was a closed country that has opened gently in recent years, like a lotus flower, and it remains the peaceful backwater of Southeast Asia. I happily agreed to host this trip with Senior Discovery Tours as I had heard such glowing travellers’ reports of this ‘Land of a Million Elephants’. 
By chris on 12/11/2016
  Like so many in the West, my image of Vietnam was coloured by vague notions of the Vietnam War and little else. So when an opportunity came up to host a trip with Senior Discovery Tours to Southeast Asia, I was quick to agree – I wanted to see this intriguing country up close and personal.